Alia Bhatt Finally Reacts to Kangana Ranaut Slamming Her For Political Opinions

Just a few days ago a video went viral on social media where Kangana was seen slamming Ranbir Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut for not taking a stand on politics. She shared a piece of the statement where Ranbir Kapoor said in an interview that, “Mere Ghar Toh Bijli Paani Aata Hai Mai Kyun Bolun”. She also slammed Alia Bhatt along with him.

She slammed such Bollywood stars and said they should take stand because their fans consider them as their role models. She also said that the luxurious life they are enjoying is because of their fans who made them popular so they are answerable to them. Watch her video here:

After her remarks on Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor both the actors kept mum. But now recently, when Alia Bhatt reached an event, the media presented there asked her to share her views on Kangana’s remarks on her. She finally spoke up on the matter. Watch the video below: