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Entertainment Alia Bhatt Shares Her Cooking Video: Sweats While Cooking Vegetables

Alia Bhatt Shares Her Cooking Video: Sweats While Cooking Vegetables

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Alia Bhatt is very active in films as well as her YouTube channel. Recently she has shared her cooking video. This video is going viral on social media.

In this 10 minute video, Alia is making Zucchini’s vegetable in South Indian style with the help of her chef Dilip

Watch The Full Video Here:

Alia’s sweat leftover by applying Tadka: In the video, it is seen that Chef Dilip asks Alia to cut the zucchini. After this, Alia puts a pan on the gas and pours oil into it. Then Dileep asks her to put the mustard. As soon as they add the mustard, it starts to crack. This makes Alia scared, she turns away from Ges to stand somewhere that this does not hurt her. Also even then Alia’s scream comes out and then she completes the rest of the cooking. 

Alia Bhatt Shares Her Cooking Video

Alia talks about diet plan: While cooking, Alia also told that she changes her diet plan in 10-12 days because she gets bored eating only one thing. Apart from this, Alia also told that she is very positive about food. Apart from this, when a shooting takes place in Mumbai, she eats homemade food. If the food does not reach the set on time, she gets angry or even if the food is not prepared well.

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