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Alia Bhatt’s Crazzyy Admirer Is Going Viral On The Internet

Alia Bhatt’s Not So Secret Admirer is Going Viral On The Internet. This man is secretly married to Alia in his head and maybe thats why calls Mahesh Bhatt ‘Sasurji’! What more? He couldn’t take Alia wearing that Hot Pink Bikini in Shandar and so he went ahead to do this.. Check out!

Here’s Alia’s creepy fan wishing Mahesh Bhatt on his birthday and calling him ‘Sasurji’

WOW! He’s understanding too! Though he’s dying to talk to Alia but you know hes soo good that he’ll wet!

Chaube ji at a party with Alia! Yeah! In your dreams boy!..


Also, He thinks he’ll make a shaandaarr jodi with Alia! Oh Lord Thy Saviour!

Too much..? Wait!

What will you call this?..