Alice In Borderland Season 2: Release date, cast, plot and latest updates

Alice in Borderland, helmed by Shinsuke Sato and written by  Yasuko Kuramitsu launched on Netflix on December 10, 2020, and Netflix quickly renewed one of its favorite original Japanese shows.

Netflix renewed the spine chiller show on Christmas Eve, only half a month after it was launched globally, and the news was publicized all through Netflix’s various virtual social media platforms.

Yet again fans are currently wondering when they will see Ryhei Arisu, Yuzuha Usagi, and different players attempting to survive risky games once more.

When Will the Second Season of Alice in Borderland Premiere?

Season two of Alice in Borderland is all set to premiere in December 2022, two years after the first episodes aired.

Netflix affirmed the news in November 2021 as part of their virtual l Japan Festival occasion, with the release listed in their forthcoming year’s showreel.

Netflix, then again, stated in March 2022 that shooting for season two had finished.

Netflix declared the announcement on Twitter, alongside a video of the actors of the show responding to the shot. The post was captioned by the streaming platform as follows:

“Season two of Alice in Borderland has wrapped filming, so get ready to return to the games! When the popular Japanese sci-fi/action series returns in December 2022, the 10 cast members who survived the deadly games of season one will confront bigger and more challenging trials.”

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland Story

Alice in Borderland’s first season covered about a portion of Haro Aso’s manga series, leaving at least another 33 chapters to dig for inspiration. In any case, the Netflix adaptation’s creators may basically take things in a new route to extend the plot.

Arisu had just survived a number of dangerous games toward the finish of the first season, however he’d likewise lost his mates Chota and Korube along the way.

Arisu’s time in the game is not even close to over, and this controller could be much more hazardous than the past ones.

Is Alice in Borderland a Film Adaptation of a Book?

Alice in Borderland is based on the manga series Alice in Borderland by Haro Aso, which was first serialized in Japan’s Shnen Sunday magazines.

The story was later compiled into an 18-volume book series that was published in Japanese more than a five-year time between 2011 and 2016.

Season 2 Cast of Alice in Borderland

Ryohei Arisu is portrayed by Kento Yamazaki, Yuzuha Usagi is portrayed by Tao Tsuchiya, Daikichi Karube is portrayed by Keita Machida, Sho Aoyagi is portrayed by Aguni Morizono, Yuki Morinaga is portrayed by Chota Segawa is portrayed by Nijiro Murakami, Ann Rizuna is portrayed by Ayaka Miyoshi.

Dori Sakurada, who portrays Suguru Niragi in the anime, was one of the cast members who fans’ were amazed to see back.

Sakurada announced the news on his own Instagram handle, including a photograph of a severely burned Niragi and the assertion “Niragi will be back.”


The eagerly awaited Alice in Borderland season 2 delivery date has been affirmed by Netflix, however, it’s still quite far off for fans of the Japanese drama.

The first season, based on a manga story by Haro Aso, debuted on Netflix in late 2020 and turned into an overall hit, however, the title gained even more traction before this year when fans searched for anything to fill their Squid Game need.