Aren’t we all waiting? Waiting for better days, for sunshine to chase away the rain, for light to break the darkness, for Friday, waiting for things to get better? Don’t we all want the same things? Don’t we all want someone we can call in the middle of the night without being scared they won’t pick up the phone? Don’t we all want to share our secrets, knowing they’re safe with the person we spill them to? Don’t we all look out for that one boy who breaks the ice with a single smile, turning everybody’s heads with only a glance? Don’t we all look for a girl who carries the sun in her pocket and her heart on her sleeve, who lights up every room she enters? Don’t you agree that we should stop waiting and live for the little things until we get where we want to get to, like someone opening a door for you, a stranger smiling at you in the streets? Don’t you agree that we should stop waiting for happiness to come around and start trying to find it in every moment, every heartbeat, with every breath we take? Try to see the beauty in a sky darkened by grey clouds, try to see Monday as a new beginning to a fantastic week, try to see the good side of everything that happens and you’ll be one step closer to stop waiting for happiness when it’s really been there all along.