News Technology All those Ways that Facebook and Whatsapp Effected Us!

All those Ways that Facebook and Whatsapp Effected Us!

Let’s follow a reality check! If today someone asks how many friends do you have, our mind shifts towards the number of contacts we either possess on facebook or our phone! Our life has been taken over by the virtual era! We really don’t have friends that could hang around with us as we used to in schools! Life and relationships have changed! People are no longer a part of our routine, they rather see pictures of what they should have seen in being!

Facebook and Whatsapp have changed our lives! Today, relationships are judged, believed and broken just with a mere play of messages! We text people in and out, we tell them how we are, we convey condolences and greetings just by a way of a text message. We never get to realize what the other person receiving that message might be feeling!

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gallery-1426111481-90050785cd7c74c64a4a6032a684b390We no more stick to newspapers as Facebook conveys it to us much earlier!  We have lost that era where we used to read newspapers to keep ourselves updated! Facebook has taken over, and made us so mobbed that we look for all the information on web rather than a manual source of information that we earlier used to procure from newspapers that provided us not just one but a booming spectacle of the society!

facebook-to-host-news-site-contentWe have started FAKING MORE AND MORE.. Earlier we hardly used the word fake! We didn’t know what could it mean and what could be the horizons uptil where humans could cheat! In this era of touch and snip, we have lost that trust over the world. People have come out of their shackles, they are trying to be what they are not, They compare more and love themselves lesser!

694057-fakefacebookprofiledesigngibranashraf-1397166189-576-640x480We have ruined our Language. From quite sometime now, Because has been coz, you has been u, why has been y and how are you has even been “hOw r EW”. We have literally broken away with our dictionaries, we have misused the language as much as we could have. We no longer use punctuation, grammar, or even write the spellings correct! And when it is the show time where we have to present our language right, we fail to deliver!grammar

It has led to more and more depression! Relationships and their tensions are on our sleeves now. It is no longer a time where people in their younger years, focus on their careers, they rather focus on their contacts and relationships. This has given them a chance to be more vulnerable due to their immaturity and has led to mental disorders!

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We have lost our childhood! Children no longer cater to outdoor activities, they rather want to stick to social media for their entertainment. This makes them rigid, less experienced in terms of what life means to be a child!


Let’s not hand ourselves in something so man-made! We need to have time for nature and for ourselves!

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