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All You Need To Know About Apple iOS 10 Version

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Apple Inc. recently unveiled the iOS 10 version that powers iphone and pad in the best way possible. It is a major advancement for the Apple crew as it has got some very exceptional features. According to Apple Inc. , it is the biggest release ever for the users. Starting from Thursday ,you can access an early version of the iOS 10 software. As according to Tech Insider, If you don’t want to download the beta version of iOS 10, but you are still very eager to know everything about the version, We got everything for you. Here are all of the new features in iOS 10 that you need to know about –

A magnified lock screen with more advanced notifications.

magnified lock screen
Source – Techinsider

You can answer emails, see a full iMessage conversation, and add events to your calendar without unlocking your device.

Identical to the android app widgets, this version will let you see detailed weather information, music playback info. and messages without opening apps.

Identical to the android app widgets
Source – Techinsder

Third party apps like WeChat can work with Siri.

Third party apps
Source – Techinsider

For the first time, Apple is giving app developers the ability to integrate with Siri. This means that apps like WeChat and Spotify can be restrained with your voice.

Siri is using machine learning to give intelligent suggestions while you’re in a conversation.

Source – Techinsider

So in the event that somebody sends you an iMessage asking you where you are, Siri can recommend that you send that individual your present area without you writing anything. Intelligent proposals likewise work for contacts, date-book accessibility and many more.

The Photos app is getting a lot smarter.

Photos app
Source – Techinsider

Apple is using computer insight and machine learning to build facial recognition into the Photos app. That means Photos can build albums based on the faces of people in your photos. You can even search for more complex things in your photos, like beaches. Apple will use computer vision to suggest highlight reels and photo albums from your camera roll.

Apple Maps is getting smarter too.

Apple Maps
Source – Techinsider

Current traffic along your route will be integrated into your turn-by-turn directions. There are new quick controls for route details like gas stations, and the app is smarter at suggesting nearby restaurants.

Apple Music’s integrates has been completely redesigned.

Apple Music
Source – Techinsider

Apple Music looks much creative and innovative in iOS 10. For instance, the interface is much whiter with an emphasis on big, bold letters. Lyrics are now supported in Apple Music too. They can be seen under every song’s playback controls and the best feature is that Apple has killed its infamous “Connect” tab.

Apple News has been redesigned with subscriptions and breaking news notifications.

Apple News
Source – Techinsider

You can subscribe to your most loved categories in Apple News and get push warnings for enormous news stories. The application format looks fundamentally the same as Apple Music.

What else do you want from Apple? Isn’t That enough?

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