High Life Women All You Need To Know About Dead Vagina Syndrome

All You Need To Know About Dead Vagina Syndrome

Dead vagina syndrome, you have definitely heard about this thing on various social media channels. Is Dead vagina syndrome a real condition? Actually, women are terrified that over-use of a vibrator will mean the loss of sensation down under. In simple words, using your vibrator too much will desensitize your vagina. This is totally a myth and completely false.

What’s The Real Truth Regarding Dead Vagina Syndrome?

All You Need To Know About Dead Vagina Syndrome
Source: Glamour

Neuroscientist and sexual psychophysiologist Nicole Prause, PhD said that there’s no data to back up claims about Dead Vagina Syndrome. Prause added: “What women may notice is that if they try to switch to lower-intensity stimulation after a high-intensity vibratory within the same sex session, yes, that stimulation likely will be less effective for the moment.”

“There was no medical evidence that dead vagina syndrome is a real condition.”

If a woman feels a decrease in sensation after using a vibrator. it’s only temporary and will instead only last for about an hour.

Some Women Attained Sexual Pleasure Very Easily Through Toys

All You Need To Know About Dead Vagina Syndrome

Some women attained sexual pleasure very easily through toys and get disappointed when their partners can’t deliver the same.

“A woman who has relied on a vibrator to bring her to the height of sexual pleasure in 30 seconds cannot necessarily expect the same from their sexual partner.”

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