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High Life We always hear about Women, What About Men in the Society!

We always hear about Women, What About Men in the Society!

Women these days are the threshold of any conversation that we have! Yes, it is a patriarchal world and we do need to promote equality for women as individuals but that would not mean we forget to talk about men and their problems. If we ponder carefully, men in India are equally subverted as women, if not physically then mentally.

They want him to earn early and earn like a master!


Men are always expected to be the “forefathers” of the situation, if not by the women today atleast by their family and the society. They are expected to earn at the earliest, and are bound to have a “good job” or they shall not get married! Yes, the Indian tendency of a man earning more than a woman still prevails, and no matter if the girl no longer worries, her and his “family” do!

They want him to run the world at one go!


Men are expected to have a good job, a good house, a car and the list goes endless. When it is strange for people to see a woman own a car, it is equally strange for them to see a man not own a car, so to say. As the adulthood starts, men are expected to just be at the beck and call of every market possession that the “society” feels is important!

No they cannot be what they want to be!

Wake up Sid 14

If we say the job prospects for women are less, the are even lesser for a man in that sense! They too are not that easily favoured to be a model, musician,fashion designer etc.! They either have to have a “good” job for the society to talk good of them, or a good financial background! For women, it really does not matter much now, but when we step into mens’ shoes it really feels impossible.

They are expected to be strong, ALWAYS!


Men need to seem masculine, they need to be strong is what they say! Men cannot weep, let out, tell they don’t feel good or express the need to be pampered when feeling low! They are expected to have those super powers to handle each situation! They are expected and expected and way too expected to not fall down in a given situation. A man who cannot be a superman is not a man!!

They do not enjoy the benefit of doubt!

Whatever be the situation, they are regarded as the culprits. A man is seldom given the benefit of doubt, a woman always is. What we need to understand is, that both are humans and both are equal. They really do not differ except in their physicality. But, the society has always had it’s sympathies with a woman!

They need to be intelligent and overly multi-talented.

Men are “expected” to ace almost everything they do. They need to be intelligent, they need to know what women do not, they need to help the chores and the household, work, be talented, still be patient and have various of extra talents too!

They too are sexually harassed and lack a voice!


Men are perceived as rapists and the trouble creators but we cannot create stereotypes catering to just a few of them! Men are sexually molested too! No doubt, men are mostly molested by men but the pain and the embarrassment is somewhere the same! They too lack voice. They too cannot hope for justice!

It is not easy to be a man, or even a woman. Both are different and equally validated. If women face problems, not that men do not. Not all men are the same!

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