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Am I The Only One Who Is Receiving spams On Facebook? Come. Here’s The Solution!

Am I The Only One Who Is Receiving spams On Facebook? Come. Here’s The Solution!


For the past 3-4 days, the Facebook Freaks are facing a disturbing problem. The users are receiving perplexing links which are been posted to their timelines. The Feature image of that link is a hot lady. The users click on the desired link and it takes them to the Youtube page.


When we click on the link   it takes us to the desired Youtube page where the video given cannot be played. The keyword language is Español, the Spanish Language with 18+ video written on the top.


The link that has been posted to our Timeline automatically tags some of our friends and later when we want to remove the tags, it is not working out, instead, personal messages (that includes the desired youtube link) to those friends are sent. It is not the only problem that the users are facing. The Users are automatically turning into the admins of some of the following pages.


These pages neither have any content, nor they have any suitable images or details. The only way to remove ourselves as the admin or to delete these pages is to deactivate our FB account for a while. Some of the do’s and solution that a facebook user should look after for.

  • Always create a strong and healthy password (use special characters, alphabets). i.e, [email protected] instead of abcde.
  • Other context that a user should look after for is The user should review posts that a friend tag in before they appear on the respective timelines.
  • Capture fb
     You can also opt for Online scanning by clicking on the following link after logging in to your FB account.


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