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These Amazing Facts Of Popular Sitcom The Big Bang Theory Will Leave You Open-Mouthed

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The Big Bang Theory, the popular American sitcom which is primarily centered around five characters is a pretty fun and entertaining piece of television. It’s a story of scientists with a tinge of comedy, these characters are real with classically tragic flaws. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely want to know the amazing facts associated with this popular TV show and if not then after reading this list you will definitely become a one. Here we go!

1) Sheldon Cooper was the first character to flirt with Penny and Wolowitz is currently the only cast member who hasn’t seen Penny naked in the show.

2) Penny is really fond of her purse as she’s been using it since season 1.

3) The audition of Jim Parsons was so amazing that the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, has immediately called him for a second audition, to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence but it wasn’t.

4) Amy Farrah Fowler a.k.a Mayim Bialik is the smartest yet studious cast member in the show. She has done Ph.D. in Neural Biology.

5) The walls of text at the end of each episode of The Big Bang Theory are Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards and they contain a lot of awesome things!

6) Before becoming an actor, Kevin Sussman (aka Depressed Stuart), actually worked in a comic book store.

7) The house of Wolowitz appears to be the same house that featured in 1996 serial “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

8) The name of the characters Sheldon and Leonard were actually named after a television producer Sheldon Leonard.

9) The apartment number of Amy is 314, which is a clear reference to the Pi which is usually written as 3.14.


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