Amazing Miracle Cases In Medical World That Were Predicted To Die

Sometimes medicine can do extraordinary things. You have probably heard more than once about people whom doctors managed to bring back to life after falling from a great height. Or about surviving newborns who, during the first examination, were predicted to die. And hence in connection to this we have shared some exciting and amazing stories. And those doesn’t believe in miracles, will definitely start believing in it.

Man survives even after metal bar got peirced in his head

The case of the American builder Phineas P. Gage, who lived in the United States long back in the 19th century, is still considered unique. The man worked as a foreman of explosives on the laying of the railroad in Vermont. Suddenly h met an accident and a metal crowbar with a diameter of 3.2 cm entered his skull below the left eye socket and exited from the back at the border of the frontal and parietal bones. Despite such severe injuries, Gage managed to survive and returned to an active lifestyle two months after the incident. But later it was found that the trauma led to irreversible changes in his emotional state – allegedly, “he became a different person.”

Man’s vision restored with a tooth

Construction worker Martin Jones was the victim of an accident at work and became blind for the rest of his life. At least, that’s what the man thought until he found out about the unusual method of treatment. Doctors removed his tooth to use as a lens holder. A tooth was inserted into the eye but now Jones’ righteye sees almost perfectly.

Survived after falling from the 47th floor

Alcides Moreno and his younger brother Edgar had to wash the windows of one of the New York skyscrapers. When the brothers went upstairs, the construction five-meter cradle broke off … Both fell from a height of 144 meters. Alcides Moreno miraculously managed to survive. And this despite the fact that the man broke both legs, his right arm, ribs, pierced his lungs and severely damaged his spine. Doctors performed many operations and were able to put him on his feet. Moreno even took part in a charity run last year. The incident happened in December 7, 2007.

Survived after being beheaded

Another amazing case happened with Shannon Malloy. The woman got into a terrible car accident, as a result of which she was left … without a skull. In medicine, this is called orthopedic or internal decapitation – the skull, as it was separate from the spine, but everything else remains intact. 70% of such cases are fatal.But Shannonwas so fortunate.Using metal plates, titanium bolts and rods, doctors were able to attach her head to her spine. And finally she survived.

Lived for 60 years in an iron”tank” for ventilation

Many people know about the amazing story of Diana Odell . When the girl was not yet three years old, she fell ill with polio, a terrible disease at that time that affected the nervous system. Due to complications, the girl’s lungs stopped functioning, so the doctors placed the baby in a ventilator, which they called the “iron tank”.In it, Diana spent literally her entire life. Only for a few hours a day she was released from the that tank. At this time, the girl could attend school, and later even graduated from Fried-Hardman University. Parents did everything to make their daughter feel happy and also installed a screen over her head so that she could connect to the outside world. For each of her birthdays, guests were gathered around the “tank” and arranged a real holiday. So Diana lived for almost 60 years, until she died in 2008 due to a banal power outage.

Man survives after half of his body was cut off

Peng Shulin, a Chinese man, was hit by a truck, as a result of which he lost his lower body. His chances of survival were minimal, but skilled doctors performed several operations and managed to bring Shulin back to life.Some time later, special prostheses with biotic legs were developed for the man, thanks to which he can move around. 

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