Amazing Places in India That Put Hollywood Destinations to Shame

Amazing Places in India That Put Hollywood Destinations to Shame

India, the most vibrant country in the world. People inspire from the movies. They want to visit the places they see in the Hollywood movies? But do you know that there are some breathtaking places in India that will give you the Hollywood feel? And that too for spending a few bucks. Take a look:

1) The streets we watched in Midnight in Paris resemble the dim lit roads of North Kolkata.

2) There exist a seaside we watched in Vicky Christina Barcelona and it’s none other than the Marine Drive in Mumbai.

3) Who doesn’t want to live in the Hobitton that we saw in Lord of The Rings? If you really want to, then visit the Grasslands of Munnar.

4) Remember the Argonath Statues in Lord of The Rings? It actually looks similar to Pillar Rock in Kodaikanal.

5) Ah! The Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter Series! Experience it by traveling in Kalka-Shimla Express.

6) That astounding road trip in the Motorcycle Diaries reminds us the open roads of Ladakh.

7) The snowscapes of Narnia resembles to Nainital in winters.

8) The beachside in Mamma Mia gives us the feel of Varkala.

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