High Life Humour Amazing Video That Shows The Great Indian Obsession: Engineering

Amazing Video That Shows The Great Indian Obsession: Engineering

In India, every kid has a choice to grow up and become something he wants to be: An Engineer or a Doctor (Yes, Damn right! The sarcasm was intended) And with such whopping numbers of engineers in India it is very likely to find 7 out of 10 Indian youth as engineers.

With professions like Engineering and MBBS being considered sacred by the Indian society (mostly parents), even thinking about another career option is looked down upon as a Taboo.

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In India, we first become engineers and then find out what we want to be in life. Even if you want to be a painter or a writer, entering into an engineering college is a pre-requisite for such career options.

This video titled as The Great Indian Obsession shows exactly how obsessed we are with Engineering!

A city or country or even the world can’t run with Engineers alone!

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