Amazon yet again brings out other controversial topic to put up in news by insulting “SANATAM DHARMA” god and goddess photos by putting up those on door mats. Such a nasty and illogical way to promote ones site. This is no coincidence and is well planned as once earlier also they put merchandise related to Confederate Flag related to American Civil War, after which they had to pull the merchandise down.

The current merchandise is easily found upon by search for Hindu god doormat. These are engraved with pictures of Hindu gods Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna,  and are being sold by vendors Rock Bull, Nicole’s Doormats and others too. These doormats can easily be found on by search for Hindu god doormat.

Well if you just got angry reading it please do not be, these fellows could not even respect the religion that is highly followed in their nation it self so throwing out that anger of yours would only harm your health

I wish the whole Indian Youth could come together to make a peaceful protest to pull these merchandise down and let Amazon know we Indians don’t allow anyone to disrespect our faith. A very great scholar has said “if you want to see technology see towards America and if you want to see towards knowledge you look towards India.” This is our strength, our strength is peace.

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