Amber Heard Begun Raising Some Of The Cash By Selling Her Californian Home For $1.5 To Pay Jonny Depp After Losing Court Battle

Amber heard has to pay millions to her ex Johnny Depp after losing the battle. She has begun raising some of that cash by selling her Yucca Valley home in California.

Seems like Amber Heard is slowly running out of money. In May, the actress was on trial with her ex Johnny Depp because the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued her for defamation. At the end of the trial, the court sided with Johnny and sentenced Amber to pay several million euros in damages and also for defaming him. But does the Aquaman actress have enough money to pay her ex?

Altogether she is facing hard days. According to TMZ Amber has sold her home in Yucca Valley. The actress is said to have received around 1,027,635 euros for her old home. Amber is selling this place for nearly double what she paid three years back in 2019 through an anonymous trust. She purchased the house back then for a mere 557,859 euros. But she got double of what she invested.

Amber and Johnny have now parted ways. Currently, Johnny is enjoying his new life to the fullest. The 59-year-old was last spotted in the French capital Paris. There he visited a fine restaurant and took time for his fans while in a good mood. For those still unaware, Heard was ordered to pay Depp a total of $8.3 million after being found guilty of defamation, However, she doesn’t have enough money to pay him. And therefore she now has begun raising some of that cash by selling her Yucca Valley home in the California desert for $1.05million.