Amber Heard Was Seen Shopping At Discount Store TJ Maxx, But The Internet Calls It A Clever PR Move

Eyewitnesses filmed actress Amber Heard shopping at discount clothing store TJ Maxx, but the Web believes that the footage is a clever PR move. According to viewers, the Aquaman star pretended to be poor so that people would think that she had nothing to pay compensation to Johnny Depp.

After a high-profile trial with actor Johnny Depp, Aquaman star Amber Heard faced the harsh realities of life – eyewitnesses noticed the artist in New York at the TJ Maxx store, which sells clothes and shoes at discount prices.

Amber Heard At TJ MAxx
Amber Heard At TJ Maxx

According to TMZ, the actress came shopping with her sister Whitney Enriquez, who testified against Johnny Depp at the court hearing. Judging by the frames, the relatives looked happy and smiled, despite the uncharacteristic place for shopping for Heard.

Amber Heard and her sister

Some fans have suggested that now Amber has to seriously save money after a libel trial, according to which the actress must pay compensation to her husband in the amount of $ 10.4 million (more than 589 million rubles). Lawyer Heard Elaine Bredehoft told the Today channel that at the moment the artist is not able to pay Depp the full amount.

In the comments below the TMZ video, many viewers thought the video from the discount store was staged. In their opinion, Amber Heard asked her friends to take pictures of her while shopping, because ordinary eyewitnesses would hardly have sent a record to the publication.