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This Man on America’s Got Talent Shocks Everyone With His Maths and Magic Trick

This Man on America’s Got Talent Shocks Everyone With His Maths and Magic Trick


Teachers used to say that when we were in schools that Maths is a magic but we never found it boring and cumbersome to do! But I guess Tom London took it seriously and did what that we had never expected. He took something rooted in logic and reason and pair it with magic and the result was something that cannot easily be explained.

Yes, 25 years old Tom London did all this on the TV reality show America’s Got Talent audition and left everyone in shock. When asked by one of the judges on the show that what his source of inspiration has been. Tom replied,

“It’s been my dad. My whole life, I’ve grown up just wanting to be like him. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m about to try and do.”

Along with that he also revealed later on that he wants to create “the best magic show Vegas has ever seen” Omg! expect the goosebumps!

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While during Tom’s audition, He first did a trick with the audience’s phones, then judges pick three volunteers to join Tom. London has the volunteers provide guesses to numerical questions — such as how many No. 1-selling artists Simon Cowell has had on his record label? how many millions of records Mel B. sold worldwide with the Spice Girls? what year Heidi Klum began modeling? and (jokingly) how many girlfriends Howie Mandel has had. In that specific order?

Tom at his best at maths, made an equation which looks like this: 53 x 102 x 87 (using the last two digits from 1987) + a random eight-digit number Banks typed with her eyes closed = 73,928,547. Watch this enthralling video here:


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