High Life Today Where Indians Are Migrating Abroad, Here This US Lady Has an...

Today Where Indians Are Migrating Abroad, Here This US Lady Has an Unusual Story of Becoming Housewife in Rural India

Adriana ko Hindustan Kuch Aisa Dikha! Yes, for American Adriana Peral, love knows no boundaries. Today, where Indian people are leaving their homeland and shifting to abroad. This lady left her comfortable life in California to become a housewife in rural India, and according to her, she’s happier than ever before.

In February 2013, Adriana Peral met Mukesh Kumar, who is 16 years her junior, online. That time she never knew that it is her match for the lifetime and will change her life forever. The pair fell in love and Adriana soon found herself flying to India to be with him, leaving behind her job and 25-year-old daughter, Lucy.

There in India, her life would prove to be a culture shock. As Adriana had an active lifestyle in the United States. She went to the gym every day, hit clubs every weekend with friends, etc. However, she managed very well to adjust, and within a few months, she married the love of her life Mukesh.

The pair live in a farmhouse located in the village of Popran. The comforts of modern homes, such as an inside toilet, are nonexistent there, but Adriana has no complains. She is happy with Mukesh and living the way what life has offered to her.

Get an insight into her new life:

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