Nick Wallenda
Nick Wallenda

American Daredevil Nik Wallenda roped over the active volcano in Nicaragua on Wednesday. He has become the first person to do so. He tied the rope 1800 feet above the volcano’s crater mouth for this stunt. Also, he crossed the crater in around 31 minutes 23 seconds.

American Daredevil Nik Wallenda Sets record by crossing Volcano

However, It is usually dangerous to be around any volcano. The slag and poisonous gases arising from it are life-threatening. Knowing this, Nick took this risk and named the record to him. Despite this, he wore a gas mask, harness and eyeglasses to protect the lungs. Nick wore special shoes to resist the heat from the magma of the volcano. He also faced strong winds during this stunt.

Nik Wallenda Makes Record By Rope Walk 1800 Feet Above Volcano
Nick Wallenda Crosses volcano Masaya

He also performed a stunt last year on Times Square. He is a seventh-generation artist from the famed Flying Wallenda Circus family. The media was present in large numbers to cover his stunts. After the stunt, Nick said the journey was fun. The lava of the volcano was mesmerizing. I cannot describe it in words. In June last year, Nick and his sister Lizana roped over 25 stories on Times Square in New York

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