News World This Pregnant College Girl Sells Her Urine, Takes Rs 1500 Per Drop

This Pregnant College Girl Sells Her Urine, Takes Rs 1500 Per Drop

In India these days, startups are on the rise. Youngsters are coming out with new and innovative ideas and share them with investors to get funds. But an American college girl has started a business without any investment and earned 200 dollars means Rs 12 thousand per day. Her monthly income was Rs 3.60 lakhs.

This is nearly 2 years old case and when it exposed to the public everyone got shocked. Now we will tell you what she exactly does. Actually, she sells her urine to earn money. Now if you are wondering who is interested to buy her urine? Let us tell you!

This American pregnant college girl from Florida gave an advertisement of selling her urine 2 years ago on an online ad service named Craigslist. She wrote in that ad that she charges 25 dollars for a positive pregnancy test. Along with that she also used to sell her one or two drops of urine by charging some money.

Ever since the ad went viral, a number of urine buyers especially women had approached her.

What is a pregnancy test?

Why were people buying the urine of pregnant girl? Before that, we will tell you about the pregnancy test. Actually, a pregnancy test is the way to know whether a woman is pregnant or not at home. For that, a pregnancy kit is available at the market. With the home test kit, you place a drop of your urine on a prepared chemical strip. It usually takes 1 or 2 minutes for the strip to indicate the result. If one the other side of the strip only one line appears it means the result is negative, if two, then a woman is pregnant.

So why women were buying the positive pregnancy test from that girl?

This is used to blackmail boys

Girls there use this positive pregnancy test to blackmail boys. Those boys who vowed to marry but later cheat or those who want to give divorce. By showing this test, one can pressurize them, according to the girls.

How the case got exposed?

After watching this ad on Craiglist online ad service, a news channel decided to do a sting operation. When a reporter who turned into an undercover agent met the girl, he got to know the truth.

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