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Entertainment Amitabh's 'Jumma Chumma' Girl Now Looks Like This

Amitabh’s ‘Jumma Chumma’ Girl Now Looks Like This

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Amitabh Bachchan’s superhit song ‘Jumma Chumma De De‘ is still remembered by all of us. In the year 1991, this song of the film ‘Hum‘ created headlines all around. Amitabh’s steps in this song were very famous. Whenever this song plays, people still try to copy his steps. But more than Amitabh, the eyes of the people were on heroine Kimi Katkar of the song. Kimi looked very beautiful and sexy in a red floral dress. Her actions stole the hearts of millions. But do you know where this famous actress on this day are and what she do? Let me tell you that recently a picture of Kimi has come out, which is almost impossible to identify her.

Kimi has changed a lot since the first one. Increasing age has also reduced her beauty. Well this is the law of nature. But even today there are some actresses whose beauty is increasing with age. Kimi’s beauty has come down a bit, but her beautiful smile can still steal the hearts of millions. Kimi, known as Jumma-Chumma Girl, was one of the famous actresses of her time. She got a lot of popularity with the song Jumma Chumma and this song made her a star overnight. After this song, there were only discussions of Kimi everywhere.

Apart from this, she became quite famous by another name. The 1985 film Tarzan gave her the title of ‘Tarzan Girl’. Kimi gave a lot of nude scenes in this film. After this film, she got popularity as a sex symbol. Kimi’s name got place in one of the hot and bold actresses. Kimi was born on 11 December 1965 in Mumbai. She came into the modeling world from the age of 17. Her first film was ‘Patthar Dil’. After the film flopped, she appeared in another film named ‘Tarzan’. Her glamorous style stole people’s hearts in this film.

Recent pic of Kimi Katkar

Kimi had worked with all the big stars of the time like Jeetendra, Anil Kapoor, Govinda. She appeared in several films with Govinda. The pair of these two was well appreciated by the audience. But suddenly Kimi made a distance from Bollywood. She stopped working in films. Due to the constantly falling career, Kimi made up her mind to marry. She married Pune-based photographer and ad film director Shantanu Shore. After marriage, she did not appear in any film.

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