India An Anonymous Girl From Uttarakhand Writes a Hard Hitting Later to 'Kedarnath' Makers

An Anonymous Girl From Uttarakhand Writes a Hard Hitting Later to ‘Kedarnath’ Makers

The much talked upcoming film Kedarnath’s trailer has already released and it’s getting mixed views. Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan is debuting from this film. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput is opposite her. While the film’s plot, an interfaith love story set in the backdrop of the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, has already upset a section of people, others seemed to be impressed by Khan’s acting in the trailer.

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According to the trailer of the film, the film story revolves around a love between Sushant aka Mansoor who is a Muslim porter who ferries pilgrims on his back to the main Kedarnath temple and a Hindu girl Mukku played by Sara Ali Khan. They fell in love but their relationship isn’t approved by her parents. It’s then that she prays for a calamity to hit the holy shrine.

This didn’t go well with many as some claimed that the film violates the beliefs of people. ‘Kedarnath’ has been at the centre of political controversies since the teaser of the film was released last month. In the same series of event, an anonymous girl hailing from Uttarakhand has written an open letter to the makers of Kedarnath in a tweet thread. She has also mentioned a few flaws in the movie trailer. She also alleged that the makers have made a mockery of those devotees who lost their lives in the gruesome flood in Kedarnath. Below is the text:-

“After watching my religion, my land, people of my land and the sacrifice my people had to go through during the 2013 flood being made fun of by the upcoming movie called Kedarnath,

I couldn’t stop myself writing this. All I can pray for, May Lord Kedarnath helps you understand my anger and fury from these unfeeling text. I am a native of Uttrakhand and devotee of Kedarnath and purpose of my writing this open letter is to make people aware of the truth and how this movie is just disrespect to natives, our plight and unfortunate situation under which the community of Uttrakhand and all the Hindu pilgrims had to go through in 2013 and moreover, the dishonour to our Lord and shrine Kedarnath.

First thing first, during the unfortunate tragedy of 2013 floods – my people, people of Uttrakhand and Hindu devotees had to go through so many difficulties and casualties. Many people lost their lives and some who somehow survived, have seen the lost of property and lives of their loved ones. A movie, and that too, a love story on this unfortunate situation is nothing but disrespecting these people and their sentiments. Second thing second, in the movie, it’s shown that the disaster happened because of a girl who wished it because she couldn’t get her “love”.Now, all the scientists with their science go to the kitchen, we have found the reason behind the disaster. But I don’t care much about the logic from Bollywood but my concern is how they are making fun of disaster and in turn, making fun of all the victims.

During the tragedy, when people were fighting for their survival, had nothing to eat and we’re going through the worst experience but even then, kissing is more important. Okay, let’s forget this, It’s just the part of promotion and way of degrading Bollywood but dear Bollywood if you can’t respect the sentiment ( which I don’t expect from you tbh), don’t make a movie on such a serious topic. This movie and that particular scene disrespect the victims of flood and not only that, it disrespects the sentiments of devotees of Kedarnath.

Third thing third, movie is a love story about a Muslim pithoo (male) and a Hindu pilgrimage ( female), and I am a native of this place and let me be clear, there are no Muslim pithoo here and it makes me ask to myself – is this movie a product of propaganda?

Kedarnath is not just a temple for us, it’s a matter of pride for us and any kind of propaganda on it is a disrespect to all natives and even to all Hindus across the world. This kind of movie which disrespects the victims of such an unfortunate tragedy and our temples, shrine and our Deities. Still I feel helpless as I can’t do much about it and propaganda of Bollywood will always win and I know, even after stating the truth, I might be mocked upon by the liberals and champions of Secularism,but we can’t do anything about them at least you, the one who is reading, can understand it and see the reality gives me peace and light and even more hope.

By an Uttrakhandi Hindu girl.

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