Nick Jonas Birthday: Checkout Priyanka’s Bombarding Captions For Him

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently posted some adorable photos with the fantastic caption for her hubby. Check them out.
Infotainment An Aussie couple Plays Santa,Changes The Life Of A Little Girl

An Aussie couple Plays Santa,Changes The Life Of A Little Girl

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Australian citizens Chris Bray and his wife Jess recently visited India,They wanted  to find a girl in Vadodra, living under bridge no.1. This little girl had been spotted by Dick Smith and his wife Pip .They wanted to extend help to the girl’s family for education of the girl, accomodation and a bank account into which they could regularly transfer the money.

source : the better india
source : the better india (Chris looking at the photo with Dick smith)

All chris and jess had was the photo of the girl which Dick smith provided them with.They Set out for the journey to India and finally  found this girl( with the help of many people ) whose name was Divya , with her family living under the bridge.

source : better India. When divya was finally found.Here divya with her mother

This family had been living under the bridge for the past 12 years. Her father was a daily labourer who just didn’t earn enough to afford a house while raising three children.To Dick , they seemed like the perfect family.The father was a decent guy who worked very hard and had no addictions.

source : better india. Divya's perfect family
source : better india. Divya’s perfect family

They set up bank account in divya’s name , so that Dick could regularly transfer the money to the family.A contract was drawn up, specifying the the amounts could be used for purposes of education , house rent etc. The funds would also stop if Divya stops going to school.Chris and Jess also helped the family to buy clothes and school supplies for divya.

source : Better India Divya in school
source : Better India  Divya in school

source : better india.Chris and Jess with Divya and her parents
source : better india.Chris and Jess with Divya and her parents holding a photo of her benefactors Dick and Pip Smith.

It has come as a perfect Christmas gift for this family in Vadodra.People like Dick Smith, Pip, Chris Bray and Jen are real heroes.

Inspiring isn’t it?

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