High Life Humour An Immortal Marketing Stunt By Condom Maker's, Puts Condoms On Women's Faces

An Immortal Marketing Stunt By Condom Maker’s, Puts Condoms On Women’s Faces

A gathering of Chinese ladies drummed up some excitement between a Beijing tram ride this month when they unwrapped parcels of condoms and put them on their face and arms.

An Immortal Marketing Stunt By Condom Maker's, Puts Condoms On Women's Faces
Source: Yahoo

The ladies guaranteed they had risked upon another excellence when shocked workers began snapping pictures of them. In any case, they were simply part of a limited time stunt from a Chinese condom producer, which needed to market its new ultra-slight condoms. These sorts of design are very much attractive and symbolises that they are totally safe for the skin parts.

Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo

According to the maker, DaXiang Condom China, he specifies that the condoms are completely safe for the skin but no scientist has approved regarding the same. ¬†After the ladies displayed the condom ads, they later stood at a station with the banner in their hands. On the other hand, Many has also called upon authorities to ban the condom company for this “immoral act.” But as we all know, money is the only thing that matters and therefore, forces them to do such activities.

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