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News Anand Sheela One of The Most Controversial Indian Women And Osho’s Former...

Anand Sheela One of The Most Controversial Indian Women And Osho’s Former Secretary, Facts About Her Will Scare You!

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American online entertainment company Netflix has recently released an interesting documentary Wild Wild Country, showcasing the intriguing journey of Osho’s controversial ‘sex cult’. The plot of the story revolves around good and evil, intolerance and violence, and, morals vs progress. It mainly focuses on a woman named Sheela. She is one of the most controversial women of the world.

Anand Sheela was the former personal secretary of religious guru Osho, and now she is living in Switzerland. She was born in Gujarat and describes her first meeting with Osho as a ‘transformational experience’. She mentions, she has no fear of death.

But when her power rose, it would seem she came across as the archetypal svengali – domineering, all-controlling and inexplicably sinister. Facts about her will scare you!

  • In 1981 Sheela became Bhagwan Rajneesh’s personal assistant. She then convinced him to move to the United States. There She bought 64,000 acres of land and the city was named Rajneeshpuram.

  • In 1984 Wasco country elections, she was accused of making people sick so that they can’t vote. She did so as she wanted to increase the influence of the ‘cult’ and tried to capture two open seats to won. It was said that she served beer laced with sedatives to the homeless, put them in buses, and randomly dumped them in and around Oregon.

  • She was sentenced to 20 years in jail but was released in 29 months on parole because of her good behavior. Her crimes included conspiracy and assault cases.

  • She was a multiple convicted attempted murderer. In 1985 she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault for her role in the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack. The salad bars at ten restaurants were infected with salmonella by Rajneeshees, and about 750 people became violently ill, including newborn babies.

  • Thanks to the guru’s ‘open’ views of human sexuality, he had already earned the tag of ‘sex guru’ back in India. And as shown in Wild Wild Country, Sheela had back then spoken about Rajneesh’s sexual relations with many women in the commune as well.

Presently, she runs a home for the old and mentally disabled in Switzerland. People call her psycho killer, insidious charmer, strong leader. You should watch her story Wild Wild Country on Netflix, trust us it’s really mysterious!

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