Entertainment Angry Indian Goddesses Review: Celebrates Womanhood, Real And Totally Relatable

Angry Indian Goddesses Review: Celebrates Womanhood, Real And Totally Relatable

If you like to watch movies that entertain you for their typical Bollywood quotient well then Dilwale is releasing soon. But for those who opt to spend their money on something totally real and relatable then here’s a perfect treat for you: Angry Indian Goddesses.



The movie is directed by Pan Nalin and star casts Sandhya Mridul, Sarah Jane-Dias, Pavleen Gujral, Anushka Manchanda, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amrit Maghera and Rajshri Deshpande and has been rated a mighty 4 stars **** for its badass portrayal of strong and mighty Indian women.


Director Pan Nalin has done a tremendous job capturing various characters of Womanhood that we come across daily or have been or known them such as the photographer Freida, the independent strong-headed business woman Suranjana, a trophy wife Pammi or Pam, rebellious Madhureeta, struggling actor Joanna or the activist Nargis and the bold and hot-headed Lakshmi.


The trailers and promotions showed the bond between these women that of a strong Friendship but with more of acceptability of each other’s personalities. The movie is brilliant in all its sense showing life as real as it can possibly be depicted on screen. Catch the Trailer Right Here, in case you missed it..

However, just like Spectre, Censor Board with AIG too has gone little harsh beeping words as basic as Lunch used while the girls are checking out their hot neighbour. While many Masala bollywood flicks are passed with shots focussign on their Boobs and Butts such basic annotations of speech have beeped.


Anyhow, censored or not, I am surely in all modd to gather my girlies and go for AIG for some really ground-breaking performances. If you too have a bunch of fabulous Girl-Friends, AIG is perfectly worth a Theatre-Watch! And why just Girlfriends? Take your Guys too Man! ;D

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