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Before Becoming an Actor, Anil Kapoor’s Whole Family Used to Live in a Garage of This Bollywood’s Superstar

Life is strange, sometimes it gives you something you wished for, in a most unexpected way. We often heard stories about people that how they became richest from poor and poor from rich. Some of them are inspiring stories while some of them are life lessons that make us learn that over-confidence, greed, and boast are the bad things that can drag a person from top to down.

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Today we will tell you about an interesting fact related to Bollywood’s superstar that will inspire you and make you think that anything is possible in this world. Anil Kapoor’s whole family shifted to Mumbai with the hope that they will find some good source of earning in the city of dreams. The family of six – Father Surinder Kapoor, mother Nirmal Kapoor, sister Reena Kapoor, elder brother Boney Kapoor, younger brother Sanjay Kapoor and he had no better place to live in such a big city.

As Anil’s father Surinder was Raj Kapoor’s father Prithviraj Kapoor’s cousin, Raj Kapoor asked to live in his garage, when he came to him for help. The whole family lived in the garage. After living there for some time, later, they apparently shifted to a ‘Chawl’ a lower-middle-class suburb and took a single room on rent. Surinder Kapoor put all his money in the making of a film, it was a collaborative production and that worked well at the box office and from there, their journey towards success begun.

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