Entertainment Anil Kapoor Got A New Haircut And Twitter Is Going Nuts

Anil Kapoor Got A New Haircut And Twitter Is Going Nuts

It’s very often for Anil Kapoor, getting compliments on his time defying looks and the recent photo of him proves he has surely got hold of some anti-ageing secret which no one in the world knows.

The 59 year old actor took twitter to share one of his new hairdo captioning it – “Life’s too short to have boring hair !” And you know what, everyone is going bat-shit crazy over the internet.

Before moving onto something else, I have to say something which all of you will agree. Harshvardhan Kapoor, his very own son has got some serious competition.

Since sharing his new look last evening, Anil Kapoor’s picture has received around 4,000 ‘likes’ and 800 re-tweets. From birthday boy Rana Daggubati to actor Hrithik Roshan, Twitter cannot stop commenting on Anil’s new look. While most people are calling it ‘jhakaas,’ others are wondering if the actor is aging in reverse.

Here’s one hot man admiring other :

Swara Bhaskar also took turns !

Maniesh Paul seems to be taking inspiration too !

Rana Daggubati also awed ! The only mistake ? He still calls him Uncle. How in the name of Jesus can someone call this smarty Uncle.

Here is some from the common people :

This man made some legit comment :

I won’t let my girlfriend come across his pic.

And there comes some Hollywood factor :

He is as concerned as me !


And finally the same concern !

The final verdict – Jhaaaakaaass !

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