As we all know, Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukerji’s blockbuster  Nayak got to be one of the greatest hits of 2001. The film, a remake of S Shankar’s 1999 Tamil film, Mudhalvan, spun around the character of Shivaji Rao who tackles the test of effectively running the condition of Maharashtra for a day as an acting boss minister, however later falls prey to a political trick.

Anil Kapoor’s Nayak Is Going To Get A Sequel After 15 Years!

Now after fifteen years, there is a very good news for all the Nayak fans as amidst much loneliness around a standard, This 2001 blockbuster is all set to get a sequel. Deepak affirmed the news and said, “I have purchased the rights from AM Rathnam, the first maker. The spin-off will be a political parody with sentiment as the scenery. It will take off from where the first one cleared out however with a totally distinctive story. Some characters, similar to the lead, Shivaji Rao (played by Anil), will be held.”

Anil Kapoor’s Nayak Is Going To Get A Sequel After 15 Years!

Furthermore, He added, “The earlier film is still extremely popular and is widely watched on television. The action will be bigger and better this time.”

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