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Famous Actress Spotted Drinking Alcohol With Her Father-in-law




With fame and wealth comes the overpowering need to feel greater, and magic juice here plays its role? Yes, we are talking about alcohol. Many celebrities in the Bollywood industry are addicted to alcohol. This includes not only men but women too.

There are a number of actresses in the Bollywood industry who are addicted to alcohol. Today we will tell you about a famous TV and Bollywood actress who caught drinking alcohol with his father-in-law.

We are talking about none another than Anita Hassanandni. She is very active on the social media and never hesitates to post something which is not liked by many people out there. Sometime before she posted a photo of her smoking a Hookah.

She also grabbed attention on the social media when she shared a photo of her drinking alcohol with her father-in-law. To let you know, Anita is a very popular TV actress and has also worked in many Bollywood films like Yeh Dil, Kuch Toh Hai, Krishna Cottage etc. She has also done many South Indian films.

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