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News Anonymous Reveals What The Government ‘Really Found’ In Antarctica

Anonymous Reveals What The Government ‘Really Found’ In Antarctica

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The hacker group, Anonymous released information leading to suspicions of U.S. Military involvement in Antarctica. An enormous amount of military hardware was recently purchased and implemented by the United States government. According to the Disclose.tv, From the years 1983-1997, researchers and scientists studying the Antarctic report observing flying cargo, in the form of “silver disks”, circling around the Transantarctic Mountains.

Anonymous Reveals What The Government ‘Really Found’ In Antarctica
Source: Mysterious Earth

The crew of researchers also reported seeing a large hole beside ancient ruins, located only 5 miles from the geographic South Pole. All this took place around the same area, a supposed no-fly zone.

The researchers did not think much of it, but during an emergency medevac situation, the researchers flew over the no-fly zone, and looking down, saw something that they should have never seen.

Remotely beneath the surface was a supposed extraterrestrial and human research base. Well after this, the scientists who operated there went missing for two weeks, and when they were found several miles away, the pilots who picked them up said that the researchers looked scared.

Anonymous Reveals What The Government ‘Really Found’ In Antarctica
Source: Unilad

Today, Antarctica remains mysterious. Government nondisclosure continues. Around 30 nations now operate research stations bases on the continent. Past military explorations of the Antarctic were lead by Admiral Richard Byrd, a hero to Americans for his feats of bravery, including flying successfully over both poles by plane.

The operation involved multiple aircraft, 13 Naval ships, an aircraft carrier: the USS Philippine Sea, and close to 5,000 men. According to the Anonymous, this type of activity is still being done by the U.S. Government to this day.

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