Another Great And Proud Achievement For The City Beautiful, Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful and developed cities of India and is also selected to be developed as a smart city. The city beautiful Chandigarh had each and every feature to be qualified as a smart city – like the wonderful rose garden, Rock Garden – the gold from waste and the wonderful breezing Sukhna lake to enjoy a wonderful night.

Rock garden - The city beautiful Chandigarh

The bright light shining in the eyes of citizens of this city just never fades. The high life and greenery of the city are just the truly wonderful thing to enjoy but to your surprise, this city also had an unknown great achievement.

So now what is this new achievement of the city?

The news of this achievement was spread on Twitter by the Economic Times and didn’t take any time to go viral.

Yes, in the politics-stuck country there’s still a city who is not affected by the political names.

Even Rishi Kapoor will also be happy to know that his “The Gandhi name controversy” would never work here.

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