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Another Nirbhaya Like Brutal Rape Case In Kerala ! #JusticeForJisha

Another Nirbhaya Like Brutal Rape Case In Kerala ! #JusticeForJisha


The post-mortem report of a 29-year-old law student from Ernakulam Law College, who was raped and murdered on April 28, has revealed that she was brutally and sexually assaulted before the perpetrators killed her. The shocking revelations also says that whole incident was planned and orchestrated in a similar fashion to 26-year-old Delhi resident Jyoti Singh’s rape, popularly known as ‘Nirbhaya’, on December 16, 2012.


Jisha(the Victim) was assaulted before and after being raped. The postmortem report also reveals that the perpetrators stabbed her with a sharp knife, which pulled out her intestines. According to the autopsy report, more than 30 injuries have been found on her body. The criminals pierced the two sides of her chest to almost two inches deep and struck in the genitals with an iron rod.

What we do as a society for rape

Though the incident took place a week earlier, the investigators are still clueless in the case, which is now being called the Nirbhaya case of Kerala.  While the family is in shock, the investigators have assured that the perpetrators will be brought behind bars soon.

Candle marches for rape victims

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With crime against women in the southern state rising at a rapid rate, social media users have demanded justice for the law student and have started a page in Facebook with hashtag #JusticeforJisha. Some have also taken the route of micro blogging website, condemning the attack. They have also requested the government to take strict action against perpetrators of this heinous crime.

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