Videos Indian Singer Launches Anti-Alcoholic Party Song Hath Mei Daru Nahi....

Indian Singer Launches Anti-Alcoholic Party Song Hath Mei Daru Nahi….

Winner of India’s Dancing Superstar 2013 Shraey Khanna also known as singer and choreographer launched his new single “Hath mei daru nahi juice ka glass, banda hun main sidha sadha itni si baat(anti-alcoholic party song) on Saturday.

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He tries to focus on creating party mood without referring alcohol, drugs, girls and cars. According to Shraey-:

“This song is actually taken from my life’s experiences. Every time I go to a party, my friends make fun of me because they see a glass of juice in my hand, rather than a glass of wine,”

He added-: “I don’t know why, but gradually drinking or smoking has become a status symbol or maybe it makes them look cool (that’s what the youth thinks). So, I thought why not make a song with no alcohol, no drugs, no girls, no cars and make it sound cool”.

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