Anup Jalota has grabbed the headlines once again post his eviction from the Bigg Boss 12 house. In his interview, just after eviction he first revealed that he doesn’t share any romantic or physical relationship with Jasleen Matharu and his relation to her is based on their mutual love towards music. They share a bond of a teacher and a student as revealed by him.

Anup also revealed that Jasleen and the makers scripted their love story! The singer went on to make shocking statements in his interviews.

Anup Calls Jasleen, A Ghost!

In his interview with Bollywoodlife, Anup revealed that his mother asked about Jasleen and he called her a ‘ghost’ which meant, she didn’t exist as nothing was there between them! He said,

“Post my exit, I went straight to visit my mom, who is 85 years ago. The first thing she asked me is who is Jasleen. I told her that she is a ghost and there was nothing of that sort.”

Talking about the reaction he got from the public, the Bhajan Samrat said,

“I can understand people commenting on own family matters but this kind of interest in an individual’s life whom you don’t know personally is baffling. Of course, there was nothing between Jasleen and me but the interest of the common public is shocking.”

He further added,

“It was a non-existent affair. But I did not know that I was so important. We have seen many couples with huge age difference but this kind of reaction is unwanted. I cannot understand this obsession with other people’s personal lives.”

Anup further said that he wants to do Jasleen’s ‘Kanyadaan’!

“Kesar Ji and I had discussed that we would enter in as a Guru-Shishya Jodi. On stage, Jasleen said we were a couple. She was locked in six days before me. I had no time to react. I thought it might be a strategy and decided to play along. I can act a bit (laughs uproariously). I have told Kesar Matharu if he will let me do Jasleen’s Kanyadaan as and when she gets married. He said we will do her Kanyadaaan together.”

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