Anushka Sharma after lashing out over Instagram cools her social media account with a cute post!

Giving a befitting reply to the one who used her name for all the rumours, Anushka Sharma lashed out for dragging her name for all the wrong reasons. Her Instagram post was full of anger. However she cooled down her Instagram account by posting a very cute picture with her husband Virat Kohli recently.

The picture was posted with the caption ‘There is a light that never goes out’

What was the matter?

Former cricketer Farokh Maneksha Engineer blamed the cricket board for serving Anushka tea and sponsoring her tickets. This did not go well with Anushka and she lashed out at him over her social media account. She made sure to not let anyone use her name after this for any wrong reason.

“I am not and will not be a pawn to be used by anyone’s thoughts or beliefs or agendas and next time if you want to use my name to discredit someone or the board or even my husband, do it with facts and proof & leave me OUT of it.”

An excerpt from Anushka’s post
Anushka and Virat
Post of Anushka

Why did she react in anger?

It seems since always she has been targeted for being a V.I.P and wife to a star cricketer Virat Kohli. Previously also she was mocked for being a part of the photograph by BCCI. So this time she chose to be vocal about certain things especially for the blame of cricket board serving her the tea.

“…and for the record, I drink coffee”

Anushka’s sarcastic reply to the blame put on her
The group photo of BCCI for which she was made fun of
Another part of her post

As of now, after the volcanic eruptions, she made sure to lower down the temperature of her social media account by posting a pretty picture with her husband which is too cute to handle.