With Diwali just around the corner we’re all excited and happy for the bright festival of lights and sweets, there are however, our certain friends who may not be as happy as us for the coming festival. Wonder who? And Why? Well its our best friends!

Anushka Sharma is making all efforts for her best friend, pet Pooch, BUDDY  to feel as happy as everbody else this Diwali. The noise pollution caused during Diwali due to crackers makes Dogs feel utterly uneasy due to their hightened sense of hearing.

Anushka sharma therefore, along with her pooch Buddy is urging people to spread more of Happiness and less of Noise this Diwali. Here’s How!


While evrybody enjoys and has a Gala time at the festival poor dogs go through a havoc wrecking on their eardrums. No wonder Buddy looks so scared..


Awww. How can we ever let them be sad! Can we? Anushka has even started a new campaign named Pawsitivity to let our furry friends have fun as well this festive season.

Way To Go Girl! I shall support her and pawsitivity with everything i can.. Will You?

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