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Virat Kohli’s Wife Actress Anushka Sharma Shockingly Accuses The Biggest Director of Bollywood of Touching Her Inappropriately

The casting couch stories in the Bollywood are common. Many big actresses have revealed that how they faced sexual assault in the Bollywood. But the two names we are going to tell you today are the famous and the biggest one. Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma is one of the highest paid actresses and she is active in the industry from the past 12 years.

Virat-Anushka Not To Appear On Koffee With Karan

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Recently she put serious accusations on industry’s one of the biggest directors Karan Johar. Anushka worked in Karan Johar’s film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. According to Anushka, Karan Johar,  “would sometimes touch” her “very inappropriately”. It all started with Karan Johar admitted to having a little crush on Anushka “right through the making of” Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, and took a dramatic turn when Anushka said,

“I am sorry I was gonna put a sexual harassment case against him. He used to sometimes touch me very inappropriately.”

And further came Karan’s clarification that “it was all in fun” and it was just him “being tactile”. Anushka also revealed,

“Even Jacqueline made a complaint against Karan at Manish’s (Malhotra) party.”

It is worth considering that this all happened on the show Koffee With Karan. Maybe the stars made a joke out of the serious issue i.e women harassment. But this is absolutely not a matter of joke.

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