Anushka Sharma Shared A funny Video Of Dinosaur At Home

Anushka has recently shared a video on her social media account, in which she has spotted a dinosaur. And we are sure that it will make you laugh!

These days due to coronavirus everyone is facing hardships, but in spite of this, we all try to keep ourselves happy. From gaming to social media everyone is finding out the solution to keep themselves busy and happy anyhow. Even the celebs keep posting videos just to entertain their fans. Amid all this actress-producer, Anushka Sharma has also shared something that will surely entertain you. In the video, Virat is seen as acting like a dinosaur.

What’s inside the video

In the video Viraat is entering into the room, walking like a dinosaur holding his arms near his chest and screeching like a dinosaur.

While sharing this funny video, Anushka wrote in the caption – Show me a dinosaur. With this, Anushka has also created emoji of dinosaurs. Funny comments of people are coming on this video. And people are going ROLF over it. Some users also called Virat cute. Anushka Sharma’s brother has also reacted to the video. He wrote- “This lockdown is bringing all kinds of creatures outside.” Anushka replied, “It’s better these creatures come out than us going out.”

Let us tell you that, Virat- and Anushka, were always busy but due to lockdown, they got a chance to spend a lot of time together. The couple is quarantined at their Mumbai residence ever since coronavirus outbreak in the country started and constantly keep spreading awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic.

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