Indian IT professionals are facing a huge challenge in working abroad. Apart from the USA, there are many countries which created a restriction in the path of IT professionals. Actually, there is a rise in nationalist sentiment around the globe therefore many countries are now trying to wipe out foreign worker population.

Apart From USA, These Other Countries Also Restrict Indian IT Professionals
Source: Hindustan Times

Also, many of the countries are working against their own commitments which they have given at the World Trade Organisation or in trade agreements with India.

United Kingdom (UK)

On January 13, the UK government abolished its post-study work visa (rejected demands for the re-introduction). Not only that, the government also raised the maintenance funds (living expenses) a student needed to have in their bank accounts by 24% in 2015 which proves a major setback to IT professionals.

Apart From USA, These Other Countries Also Restrict Indian IT Professionals
Source: Sify

New Zealand

In April 2017, the New Zealand government had announced plans to block foreign workers. The step was taken to control record-high levels of migration to New Zealand, amid growing concern about housing shortages, road congestion and overcrowding in Auckland.

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New Zealand’s immigration minister Michael Woodhouse said which was reported by The Guardian:

“The government has a Kiwis-first approach to immigration. It’s important that our immigration settings are attracting the right people, with the right skills, to help fill genuine skill shortages and contribute to our growing economy.”


Apart From USA, These Other Countries Also Restrict Indian IT Professionals
Source: DNA India

In an effort to make sure companies give locals a fair job share, Singapore changes its clauses in the visa regimes. Nasscom president R Chandrashekhar told the NDTV:

“The number of Indian tech workers employed with various companies, are a few thousand now, probably under 10,000, which is inadequate to drive growth of the industry.”


Interestingly, Australia abolished 147 visas on the same day as president Trump’s announced the new policies. The country has started “shutting the tap” on Indian techies. On April 28, Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in a Facebook video:

“We’re putting jobs first. We’re putting Australians first. We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians.”


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