It is not at all tough to find the copies of high-tech iPhone mobiles. Almost each and every company includes some of the features of iPhone designs in at least one of their smartphones. Recently, such incident again took place when a Chinese company accused apple of stealing iPhone 6 designs from their mobiles.

Apple accused of copying iPhone 6 designs

100+ is that Chinese mobile manufacturing company which has recently claimed that Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus designs have been clearly copied from the design of their mobiles.

Moreover, after this incident, 100+ was also able to restrict the selling of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones in the whole city of Beijing.

According to the authorities of Beijing Intellectual Property Office, the reason for the restrictions are:

“It would be difficult for buyers to tell the ‘minute differences’ between the two phones“.

Applce copies iPhone 6 designs - 100C
Source: Appadvice

Moreover, the reports have also revealed a shocking information that this isn’t the first time that Apple have been alleged of such accusations. In the year 2012, a company named GooPhone also accused this world known smartphone company of stealing the iPhone 5 designs of them.

Although, as of now, neither there’s any information of the allegations being true or false nor about the removal of restrictions on Apple smartphone sales in Beijing.

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