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High Life Try These Top 10 April Fool Day Pranks On Friends or Colleagues...

Try These Top 10 April Fool Day Pranks On Friends or Colleagues To Make Them Surprise And Laugh

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1st April, the April Fool Day, the one and only unique day of its own kind. It is celebrated all over the world every year on 1st April. Although there is no any official holiday, but it is the one day when your conscience should not stop you from lying your heart out and laughing about it. Make this day more rememberable and by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. Here is the list of best prank ideas you can play to astound your friends and colleagues.

1) If you are sharing a room with your buddy then you must try this washroom prank. All you have to do is to paint the soap with nail polish and leave it there. It should be fun, seeing your buddy, all covered in patches of whatever colour of soap he uses. This will surely giggle you out but beware he might have planned something for you too.

2) You can play a floor prank like by writing something scary on the floor with red colour. As the one shown in the picture.

3)We all have computers at our home as well as in the offices. Yes, the next prank in the list is associated with the Mouse of the computer. The red/blue light under the mouse. Cover the reverse part nicely and cleanly with the help of some tape and paper and then see the magic! *Shouts*

4) The next in the list is Mentos ice-bombs. This will surely thrill the people who love their soda.

5) Attach air horns under the chairs in your office or room and expect the shouts!

6) Do you love spreading rumours? If yes! you are just one step away to successfully play your prank and if not, come on! for a one day and of course for a fun sake you can do that! So start spreading rumours about someone and make it look convincing!

7) Add sugar in a box of salt or vice versa. This will let them yell out for sure!

8) Ahan! talking about pranks so how can we forget the idea of prank call? You better know how to do it, isn’t you!

9) Fill the room with photos of Monalisa in different expressions or faces. This will be the funniest thing ever.

10) Suit up and go out on the streets. Go to random strangers and say, ‘I know you’. This will be fun!

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