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Trending AR Rahman Getting Trolled Over His Daughter Wearing 'Burqa'

AR Rahman Getting Trolled Over His Daughter Wearing ‘Burqa’

Oscar-winning music composer A.R Rahman is in the news for all wrong reasons. Social media users are targeting him for his daughter Khatija Rahman’s Burqa wearing photo and calling it Islamophobia. It all happened during an event which was organized to celebrate 10 years of AR Rahman’s Oscar-winning moment. One of the pictures from the event took the internet by storm.

In this picture, A.R Rahman’s daughters Khatija and Raheema and wife Saira Bano can be seen posing with Neeta Ambani. People started trolling A.R Rahman as his daughter Khatija wore Burqa while she was making a public appearance. One user wrote, ‘who you have included her in the picture where she can’t be seen’. While another one wrote, ‘your eyes are also visible please cover them also’.

They said it was cruel of him to enforce his religious beliefs on his daughter, that it was unfair of him to “force” her to wear a Burqa. A twiteer user called out Rahman for having alleged double standards. He wrote, “Sir, I thought your religion was music. I was wrong.” 

However, both Rahman and his daughter Khatija took to internet to respond to the trolls. A.R Rahman posted,

Whereas, Khatija on her Facebook post wrote,

“There were certain comments which said that this attire is being forced by my dad and that he has double standards. I would like to say that the attire I wear or the choices I make in my life does not have anything to do with my parents. The veil has been my personal choice with complete acceptance and honour. I’m a sane, mature adult who knows to make my choices in life. Any human being has a choice to wear or do what he/she wants and that’s what I’ve been doing.”

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