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High Life This Place is Called as Mini America in Saudi Arabia, Has a...

This Place is Called as Mini America in Saudi Arabia, Has a Completely Different Life

This city is a part of Saudi Arabia but opposing the whole country here women can wear according to themselves, can drive a car, can even wear a bikini on the sea beach and can do anything they want. This place is called Saudi Aramco. This place was specially designed for Americans, therefore, its way of living is as similar as them.

Ayesha Malik of Pakistani origin is born and brought up here. She has an American passport currently. She is a photographer by profession and released a book containing pictures of this beautiful city featuring its exceptionally different life from whole Saudi Arabia. The title of the book is, Aramco: Above the Oil Fields.

Saudi Aramco is a Gated Community. It is also called as Dhahran. It is situated within 58 sq km. It includes a private beach where only people from Aramco and their guests are allowed to visit. The lifestyle of this city is as same as American culture. This city was set up in 1930 for Americans.

Actually, when petroleum was founded in Saudi Arabia, it was an American company named Standard Oil of California which drilled it first. Its engineers and workers were from America and their lifestyle was completely different from the Arabs. That is why the government of that time designed this city according to them so that they can get a feel of America. Firstly it was operated by an American company but later in 1980 it was hand over to the Saudi government and the name of the company from Standard Oil of California changed to Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

In this company, there are workers from different countries. So it has a kind of mixed culture. You can see a golf court, gym, hospital, American School established for the people of Aramco here. Here people celebrate Christmas like the western countries.


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