Bhojpuri Actress Rani Chatterjee Warns To Commit Suicide

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Entertainment Is Salman Khan's Stardom Overshadowed Arbaaz Khan's Career?

Is Salman Khan’s Stardom Overshadowed Arbaaz Khan’s Career?

In a recent interview with PTI, Arbaaz Khan has said that being Salman Khan’s brother never bothered him in both personal and professional life. Also, it didn’t overshadow his career. Arbaaz said: “I don’t think (it has bothered me) ever. There are only advantages of being Salim Khan’s son, Salman Khan’s brother and coming from a known family.”

“I could never make it to the level that I should have was because I was under pressure or under the shadow of my father or brother. I think those are just excuses.”

Is Salman Khan's Stardom Overshadowed Arbaaz Khan's Career?

“There is a pressure. People look at you differently. But you’ve got to move on. I look at all that has happened to me because of my family as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. It has more pros than cons.”

Arbaaz Khan’s Love For Acting

Is Salman Khan's Stardom Overshadowed Arbaaz Khan's Career?

Arbaaz added: “For me, acting is something I am passionate about. I am someone who wants to be known for who I am. If I wanted to just make money, I would’ve chosen some other profession.”

“I know there are insecurities in being an actor. There are certain compromises you need to make, but they are all worth it. The perks of being recognised are something else.”

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