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Entertainment Archana Pooran Singh Pulling Husband Parmeet's leg: Watch Funny Video

Archana Pooran Singh Pulling Husband Parmeet’s leg: Watch Funny Video

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Archana Puran Singh has shared a video of her husband Parmeet in which she is seen pulling the leg of her husband. Her video is going quite popular on social media And has been viewed 3 lakhs times so far.

The entire country is on lockdown due to the outbreak of Corona and in such a situation, most of the celebrities are forced to do their homework themselves. However, seeing the social media activity, it seems that most of the celebs are enjoying this time. Meanwhile, Archana Puran Singh who is the guest at The Kapil Sharma Show is also handling most of the work at home herself. Recently, she has shared a video that is going quite viral and fun to look at. Actually, in the video Archa’s husband is seen cleaning the garden. Sharing the video, Archana wrote,

“Ah … domestic bliss, when the husband picks up a broom in his hand … not for wallop but to sweep Parmeet Sethi is providing special services instead of special ops Parmeet Sethi is providing special services”.

Archana is seen pulling leg and says that if you sweep well, your job can be permanent here. After this, Archana panes the camera and turns towards Mummy. Archana says that your assistant is giving water here. Let us tell you that this video shared by Archana has been viewed more than 3 lakh times so far. The users commented on this video giving different statements. One user wrote in the comment box, Everyone should give helping hands to each other like this.” Many people have also praised Archana’s house. One user wrote, “This is the dream house with some very beautiful people.” Another user wrote, “Mam, how big is your house. May God give such a house to everyone.”

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