Are Eggs Veg or Non-Veg? Finally Science Gives The Answer


There are many questions in the world, which we have heard from childhood, but we do not know the answer yet. Like, what came first in the world egg or hen? But today we are going to answer you a question that has been a part of the debate for a long time.

Many vegetarians do not eat eggs thinking it as a non-vegetarian product.Their logic is that egg is a product given by a hen so it is a non-veg. But so as the milk!  Means it is also given by the cow, goat and buffalo. If you think you are eating a baby chick if you are consuming an egg, then let us tell you that the most number of eggs in the market for sale are unfertilized. 

According to the scientists, eggs are vegetarian. So everyone knows that there are three parts of the egg – eggshell, egg yolk, and egg white. According to the research, the eggwhite only contains the protein. As same as eggwhite in egg yolk also, mostly the proteins, cholesterol, and fat are present. The eggs that most of us eat do not have embryos. And even the eggs from farm and backyard chicken eggs probably have not developed enough to be at the stage where one would be eating a baby chick. This is the reason, technically, the egg is a veg product.