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Are Kim Kardashian- Kanye West Divorced? Here’s The Truth

This world-famous celebrity couple has fans from all over the world. As we all know that Kanye enforces a plethora of rules on Kim Kardashian or even whole family. His some rules are genuine and great but some are quite insane which Kim have to bear. She managed to follow West’s rules even without complaint for years. Further, this shows how much she loves Kanye. But there are some rumours of their divorce from last few days.


According to Ok Australia magazine cover the marriage of Kim- Kardashian and Kanye West is over and the divorce papers are signed. But inside the article, there was nothing except the false claims done by sister outlet In Touch. Actually, the divorce papers were from Kim’s divorce from his ex-husband in 2003. The names were blurred in order to engage the readers and suspend their interest to read the full article.

Apart from this, there were also rumours that the Kim-Kanye are living their lives separately. But these were also rumours and Gossip Cop proved their unity by showing together moments of both in June.

In a Nutshell, both stories of Ok Australia and In Touch are completely false. Further Kim-Kanye are living their lives happily. In fact, this couple is one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood and their love is eternal. Apart from this, recently Kim wished her hubby a happy anniversary and on Twitter and said that she wants to live with him forever. May the couple live long and have splendid future ahead.




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