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Are You Cleaning Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper the Right Way?

A memory foam mattress topper is a lot different from an ordinary mattress topper which you can easily clean using common practices. Cleaning a memory foam mattress topper requires you to have a little knowledge about the basic characteristics and maintenance tactics about memory foam and what all is required to maintain it properly.

Since the structure of the mattress topper is quite delicate, they can’t simply be tossed in the washing machine. They demand a different approach because the centrifugal force of the washing machines can damage the fine structure of the foam and lead to the foam tearing apart when soaked.

Here is a list of some useful tips to let you properly clean your memory foam mattress topper the right way:

  1. Vacuum Cleaning Phase

To clean a memory foam mattress topper using a vacuum cleaner, you should start by removing the topper from the mattress and spreading it to a clean, dry and smooth surface. Vacuum cleaning it patiently will help you remove any dust, dirt, or pet dander present on it.

  1. Spot Cleaning

Next step of cleaning the topper comprises of cleaning any dark or visible spots with the help of white vinegar. You can start by diluting vinegar in water and rinsing the topper gently using a soft cloth until the spot vanishes completely. You can also get rid of the spots using a pet stain remover.

  1. Applying Detergent

After you have treated the spots and removed them, apply cloth washing detergent mixed in water. However, don’t just spill all the liquid on the mattress topper, instead use a clean white cloth to apply the liquid or a spray bottle. This will ensure that there is no seepage of detergent into the inner parts of the topper. Rest the liquid for about 30 minutes. Another imperative thing to keep in mind is not to use low-quality detergent as they harm the topper resulting in loss of its appearance.

  1. Rinsing with Water

After you’ve left the detergent liquid for about 30 minutes, use a spray bottle to spray water on the surface. Then start rinsing the topper with soft hands using a soft cloth or towel. This will ensure that all the soapy layer of detergent is thoroughly removed from it. Follow up by dabbing the topper’s surface with the help of the absorbent cloth. Then turn the mattress topper and clean the other side of the topper using the same method.

  1. Blotting it With a Dry Cloth or Towel

It’s essential to blot all the excess water from the mattress topper’s surface. You can finish this with the help of a cotton towel or an absorbent piece of cloth.

  1. Air Dry the Topper

After the whole cleaning procedure is completed, leave the mattress topper in an airy room with a fan or air conditioner over it. You can also use a handheld dryer to blow air all over the topper’s surface. However, make sure you don’t bring the dryer too close to the surface, as this can damage the topper’s texture and also affect its softness.

Cleaning the Mattress as a Whole

At times, you mistakenly spill liquid or juice that leaves a massive stain on the topper of the memory foam mattress. To get rid of such stain, you are required to wash it thoroughly as a whole. To achieve this, you can start by following the same steps as defined for surface cleaning mentioned above.  However, after that, you need to follow up with the next steps mentioned here:

  1. Washing with Water

Place the topper on a clean and smooth surface and wash it thoroughly with water. The key to wash it effectively is to ensure that the topper is spread flat with no bump below it. This way you can wash it thoroughly with cold water and see if all detergent is washed away.

  1. Draining Excess Water

To drain out excess water, start by rolling the topper inwards and pressing slightly. However, strictly avoid squeezing or tumble drying as it can affect the topper’s fibres.

  1. Drying

Finally, leave the topper to dry in a shady area with enough air blowing over it. You can also use a fan or a hair dryer to dry the surface simply.

Keeping your bedding clean is crucial – not only because of hygiene but to also keep allergies away. Cleaning your mattress, the correct way removes dust, skin flakes and mites. Other than that, you should always invest in a good memory foam mattress brand. Some disruptive brands like Sunday Mattress are doing quite well in the market lately. This brand uses latex which is imported from Belgium and comes with amazing benefits such as a 100-nights trial. A clean mattress is an outstanding facilitator for quality sleep. In turn, a good night’s sleep is one of the main pillars of excellent health.

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